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written kitten is the best thing ever I’ve written like 2k for this fic already

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an 8tracks playlist masterpost


Hi everyone! I know a lot of people like to listen to music before or while they write, in order to get in the mood. I’m a huge fan of 8tracks and have found many playlists throughout the past couple years that have helped fuel my writing. I wanted to make a masterpost of them all here, sorted by category.


winter by hecticglows

depth over distance by shaexx

drown with me by shewayout

december never felt so wrong by caulfields

love fearlessly by lauren_bannon

five a.m. by lisztomanias


easy does it by heyitsgen

shuffle / shake by caulfields

morning jams by marthastewart

sweet serendipity by sighingforever 

HELL YEAH by grrrrl

dance dance by clare-rey

g o l d e n by princecalum

unironic by americanas 

it’s all good! by caulfields

lisztomania by lisztomanias

keep your head up by lisztomanias


let’s tessellate by morevnass 

me, and you, and rome by rachaellizabeth

and mine by liszomanias

Femme Fatale 

young legends die all the time; by theirins

TEAM by translucido

reckless by lisztomanias

i’m digging your grave by caulfields

meurtière by translucido


melancholy mornings by ladybrienne

wind guide you by stewardssons

between infinity and nothing; by halluciferating

of the ages by tempusfugit

i made my home with the wolves by eveethedestroyer

spilled soul by sherlockiers


i crave you by caulfields

here we go again by lisztomanias

let’s get drunk & tell each other everything we’re too afraid to say sober by lexiluv2

hips like god by ohtasha

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